In this WordPress Tutorial, you will learn how to create your own website with ease. Making websites has never been easier. I will walk you step by step through the process. From having nothing to having a fully functional website that generates your income.

Get a domain and Webhosting:


Get the Astra Theme:

The example website is a website I made for a client and now he is making more than $1000 per month extra through his kickboxing services.

First, we will get a domain name and Webhosting. After that, we will install WordPress on your brand new domain and Webhosting. After cleaning up our WordPress website, I show you how to import a pre-made professional website for free! After importing that website we will adjust it to our wishes.

I show you how to do that using Elementor, a free page builder that makes it easy to create and adjust websites. Using the Astra theme we will adjust the header of our website for all devices and also make our complete website optimize for all devices.

We will create a footer, add images, change backgrounds, talk about styling, fonts, designs and after following through, you will have your website up and running within 2 hours!

After that I have some follow up tutorials for you:

How to write blogposts:

How to be found better in Google:

Monetize Your Website:

Sell Products On Your Website:

00:00 Intro
00:04:08 Get A Domain Name And Webhosting
00:10:11 Install WordPress
00:13:40 Clean Up Your Website
00:17:33 Import A Free Pre Made Website

00:31:13 Configure Your Website With Elementor
00:33:44 Adjust The Content
00:35:24 The Navigator
00:52:41 Use Free Stock Photos In Your Website
00:53:56 How To Create A Stunning Background

01:01:11 Import Pre Made Pages In Elementor
01:04:06 Import Pre Made Blocks In Elementor

01:07:33 Configure The Header
01:13:58 Optimise The Header For All Devices
01:16:55 Optimise Your Website With Elementor
01:27:33 Configure The Footer Of Your Website

01:33:23 Configure The Other Pages
01:46:47 Add new Pages to Your Website
01:48:18 Follow-Up Tutorials

In this video, we’ll show you how to make a website using WordPress. We’ll go over the basics of how to create a website, including setting up a WordPress account, uploading your website files, and configuring the site.

If you’re looking to create a website, then this video is for you! We’ll show you how to create a website using WordPress, a popular and easy-to-use website builder. We’ll go over the basics of setting up your WordPress site, including how to upload your website files and configure them to look the way you want.

So whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned webmaster, this video is a great guide on how to make a website with WordPress!

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  1. Thanks for creating this video and explaining the whole process in such a simple way! ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„

  2. Ferdy, I’ve build my platform with the WordPress theme WPLMS. I already sell my courses to students, teachers and even school. I would love a conversation about how to take that next step. Are you willing to have a chat? I’m also interested to know if I could get your help, of course you will be reimbursed for your work.

  3. Thank you, Ferdy!
    I am creating right now my first website, following your video. After watching many of your videos, which are beautifully and simply explained, i decided to try this step on my own.
    Wish you all the best!

  4. Hello, I need to show me a video on how to create ferdy sports website plz give me your video I will be very benefited I am a new freelancer thank you very much

  5. Hi ferdy, I want to make a referral website and which the website will have an virtual account for each user that they will earn the virtual money within the app or website
    Please I will like to contact you

  6. Ferdy – this is just awesome: Keep up your awesome channel – it is definitly a great channel..
    Hats off to you it really inspires me!! ๐Ÿ˜ณโ™ฅโ™ฅโ™ฅ
    Do more of your great vids!!

  7. Hi Ferdy, as one should have a Website for a niche, should I have then a Domain for each or can I use the Domain with Subdomains for a Niche? Thanks for a Info

    1. @Ferdy Korpershoek I have whatch your video which you explained how work Adsense, the results is note valuable, if you change the way it works, share it with us or share how your are make your great results Everyone benefits from that

  8. Thank you ferdy about this. I wanted to ask if you have any tips about internal linking. The free version of link whisper maybe. Apologies am off topic

  9. I emailed you a question about WordPress. Would be nice if you could give me your opinion, thanks

  10. Why does your WordPress look so much different than mine. It’s very hard to follow a tutorial when literally every page looks different…

    1. @Ferdy Korpershoek Wow, that’s a quick response. Thanks for that! Currently I’m still using just WordPress because I want to get a feel for building websites before I pay for a domain. Right now I’m at the part where you install Elementor but it seems for that I do actually need a domain, am I right? Thanks for any response Ferdy, I very much appreciate it.

    2. @Ferdy Korpershoek Also Ferdy, which Dutch hosting service would you recommend as in being good and cheap? xD Thanks

  11. Hi Ferdy – Thanks for your fantastic videos. I am using one of the ASTRA themes but I am unable to use elementor to customize the shop page with the filters etc… Any idea why?

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